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text messaging for sales organisations

Revolutionary 'Text-Connect' service eases sales management for UK Energy supplier.

A major UK supplier has announced it is to use a new Text-Connect™ service to tighten up sales processes and speed up information flows with their 300 plus field sales team.

The company which supplies gas and electricity to around five million customer accounts will be using the innovative Text-Connect™ service by Shropshire-based software experts Sabre Software Development Ltd.

The system links mobile phones and computers seamlessly for two-way text message communication. Text-Connect™ requires no new infrastructure or software , and treats SMS text messages as if they were emails forwarding them onto laptops or desktop computers in the office.

Outgoing “emails” sent from the office computer appear as text messages on the sales person’s mobile phone. There is no significant time delay in either direction.

Major advantages are:

  • Eliminates the need for office mobile phones and their high costs.
  • Sends the message directly to the most relevant person or team.
  • Enables messages to be narrowcast or broadcast in either direction, so speeding up information distribution, sales leads, new market intelligence etc.

The Sales Support Coordinator at the company which employs more than 11,000 people said: "Text-Connect enables me to receive text messages on my PC from our field based account managers detailing daily sales figures. Text-Connect also gives me the means to contact our entire field sales team almost simultaneously, which is particularly effective in case of an emergency".

The Text-Connect™ service is one of Sabre Software Development Ltd's leading products & services which include Text-Connect CRM™ a NEW customer feedback service by which managers can get 'from the horses mouth' customer feedback directly to their email.

For further information contact David Tapley, Managing Director, Text-Connect™



About Text-Connect™: Text-Connect™ enables desktop computers to send and receive SMS text messages via dedicated 'text numbers'. Text-Connect is a newly formed trading division of Sabre Software Development Ltd.


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