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Forward text messages to Email from your Smart phone.

Text message forwarding for Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Smart phones.


tcForward on HTC Desire.

tcForward on HTC.

tcForward™ automatically forwards text messages sent and received on your mobile phone to your email address.
Use tcForward™ to 'back up' your text messages as they are sent or received to your email address, and keep a permanent record of your text message communication. Business users appreciate the ability to archive messages sent to and from clients and the ability to create an 'Audit Trail' of text (and PIN) message communication.
Blackberry and Windows mobile versions of tcForward support forwarding to SMS (your normal network texting charges will apply) so you can juggle work and personal phones with out missing an important message.
tcForward™ is simple to install, set-up and use. Simply download & install. Launch tcForward, add the email address (or mobile number) you wish to forward to, select 'enable' and your phone is ready to start forwarding.
  • Forward text messages as they are sent and\or received.
  • Change your specified email address at any time.
  • Turn forwarding on \ off from your phone.
  • Forward to another mobile with Windows Mobile and Blackberry versions.
  • Automatically restarts when you switch on your phone.
  • Forward Blackberry PIN messages sent via the "Messages app". Those sent by the "BB Messenger app" are encrypted and will not be forwarded.
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More about tcForward™ for Windows Mobile.

  • For Windows Mobile versions 5.x and 6.x
  • Version 7 and above not supported.
Text Email forwarding app for Blackberry
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More about tcForward™ for Blackberry.

  • For OS 4.6 and greater.
  • Blackberry 10+ NOT Supported.
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