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Message forwarding. Create an Audit trail for text messages sent to and from your phone.

tcForward mobile app for Android. Background forwarding. tcForward™ for Android


Automatically forward text messages from your Android phone with our tcForward mobile app.
Archive text messages sent to your Andriod phone automatically.

tcForward™ is the perfect way of keeping a backup your text messages on your Android mobile phone.

Download and Install tcForward™, define the email address you wish to forward to, click enable, and subsequent message traffic will be forwarded to your specified email address. Choose to forward incoming messages, messages you send, or both. Messages are forwarded automatically as they are sent or received.

Use tcForward™ to 'back up' your text messages as they are sent or received to your email address, and keep a permanent record of your text message communication. Business users appreciate the ability to archive messages sent to and from clients and the ability to create an 'Audit Trail' of text message communication.

Automatic text message forwarding. Back-up text messages sent to your phone.


URL for this page as a QR Code.

Options & features include:

  • Forward incoming messages to email
  • Forward outgoing (sent) messages to email
  • Specify the forwarding email address you wish to send to and change at any time.
  • Enable \ Disable tcForward as required.
  • For Android v1.6 and later.

Notes, Hints and Tips:

To facilitate text message forwarding to Email in Android, email messages are routed via our EP email server (no logging, monitoring or recording of messages takes place).

tcForward™ does not forward old messages on your phone.

The tcForward™ service is provided without any guarantee of availability and Text-Connect Ltd take no responsibility for messages that are not forwarded. Users of tcForward™ are deemed to have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Price: £9.98 (new price !)

IMPORTANT: For easy install to your Android mobile phone, browse to this page and buy tcForward directly from your phone. Use the QR code opposite to navigate to this page.

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