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Send SMS text messages from your Web Browser.

Long text messages upto 459 characters.


send text messages.

Say what you need without having to worry about fitting your message into 160 characters of text. Text-Connect's 'Long Message' function makes SMS text messaging an even better communication tool for your business, giving you text messages up to 459 characters in length.

Long text messages are delivered as a single text to your recipients phone making them easy to read. This is a huge improvement over 'multi part' systems where a long message arrives as several individual texts.

459 characters per message means your message can be clear, unambiguous and convey instructions or information in much more detail.

Send your SMS text messages from your web browser, sending to just one or to many thousands of recipients. Your message will be delivered almost instantly to your recipients phone.




Web Based - Access your Text-Connect™ account from any computer with an Internet connection and Browser and send messages. Multiple log-in sessions mean that you can share a single account across your organisation and save cost.

send sms text web site

It's quick and easy to send text messages from your web browser with text-connect

Multiple 'Destination' selections - It's quick and easy to select the destination number for your text message. When drafting your message choose the destination number from:

  • Type a 'Free form' number directly.
  • Select from your existing Contacts.
  • Choose a Group of existing Contacts.
  • Pick a 'Distribution List' and create a personalised, merged text shot.
  • Use a 'recent' number

Multiple 'From' options - When you send your message you can choose how and where the recipient will be able to reply to you. You have several options:

  • Select your Text-Connect™ 'Text-Number' to route SMS text replies to your Text-Connect™ inbox.
  • Specify a "Land line" number to enable your recipient to respond with a voice call.
  • Provide the message with an 11 digit text label, for instance your company name. The recipient will not be able to reply. The message will appear to come from a name (i.e. your company) rather than a number.

Deliver text messages to UK land lines - Messages sent to BT 'land-line' numbers are delivered as automated voice interpretations of your message.

  • Text Message delivery to BT and other operators.
  • Message 'From' label is a valid contact number.
  Create message templates - Save time and streamline your messaging by creating message templates for your regular messaging jobs. If you need strict control over message formatting on your account, we can force the use of message templates on all the outgoing messages from your account.
  Schedule messages for the future - Pre scheduled messages are perfect for appointment reminders where you can schedule a timely reminder when the appointment is made. The Pre scheduling feature is a great tool for testing merged text shots. Set up your message shot and schedule it well into to the future. The messages will be 'sent' to your 'outbox' where you can check the shot has worked as expected. Once all is OK, you can delete messages in the 'outbox' and run the shot for real.


Message Delivered ? Know that your message has been delivered using the Text-Connect™ reporting functions. Our 'High Quality' message credits are quickly routed through UK mobile networks and have the 'interconnect' fee paid. This means you can track the delivery of your message to your recipients phone, giving you a time of delivery.
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