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Receive & View SMS text messages to your computer.
SMS Text Number. Receive SMS text to your computer

The Text-Connect™ '2 way' SMS text service is based on a dedicated 'text-number' to which your incoming messages are sent. Text messages sent to your text number are delivered to your account 'inbox' and forwarded to your e-mail address(es), web server or other mobile numbers.

Your 'text number' gives you your own unique SMS-text contact number. Your customers and staff simply send text messages to a number specific to your business, giving them an exceptionally easy way to contact your business, wherever they are quick and easily.

Telephone interruptions in a small business can be a big distraction. Text-Connect™ lets you choose when to process enquiries, saving you time. You save money over dealing with voice calls both in time and call costs.

Larger businesses find SMS text messaging ideal for inter-company communication, between head office and remote staff, drivers or engineers.


Features include:

Auto Respond to messages

Auto Responder - Trigger an automated response back to your sender to confirm that their message has been received. You can set-up different 'Response' messages depending on the first word of their message.

The Text-Connect™ reporting function will give you a list of numbers that have sent a particular key word and you can automatically add these to a list for future text shots.

Forward text messages Message Forwarding to e-mail - Set up e-mail forwarding for your incoming messages to save you having to log-in and check for new messages. Our forwarding options means you can forward your Text-Connect™ messages to multiple e-mail addresses, mobiles and your web server.
Subscription services Subscribe \ unsubscribe list functions - Build opt-in lists based on your message traffic & the Text-Connect™ auto responder function. Your clients simply send a text containing a key word. Their number is added to your pre defined list, depending on the key word, so you can populate several lists depending on the campaigns you are running. Response is easy to check using the Text-Connect™ Reporting functions.
ID sender Contact ID - See immediately who your message is from without having to remember their mobile number ! Incoming messages are matched against your contact list and if matched, the contact name is added to the message.
text message sorting

Message sorting (sub folders) - Your Text-Connect™ 'inbox' supports sub folders where your messages can be filed. You can set up 'auto sorting' where messages are moved directly to a specified sub folder depending on either the message content, the 'To:' address or the 'From:' address. Use this function when sharing a single Text-Connect™ account between several of your co workers and separate message traffic.

extra text numbers Multiple Text-Numbers - Add extra text numbers to your Text-Connect™ for different client groups, geographical locations or users. Each text number has it's own forwarding options.
About 'text numbers':

Text numbers which come with Text-Connect™ packages are valid for 1 year after which they require renewal. We will notify you that the renewal is due and send you a pro forma invoice. The cost for renewal can be found in the Buy Now section.

Text-Connect™ 'Trial' and 'Lite' are designed for 1 way 'Send' messaging, but can easily be upgraded with the addition of a 'text number' to give 2 way incoming and outgoing messaging. Add additional 'text-number's in the Buy Now section.

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