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SMS text message forwarding

SMS Text Message Forwarding.

Multiple forwarding options, too & from e-mail addresses, phones & text-numbers.

Text message forwardind

We can provide you with several text message forwarding services:

  • SMS Text message forwarding for incoming messages to your Text-Connect™ account.
  • Forwarding SMS text messages to Web server
  • Forwarding SMS text message to your Blog
  • Forwarding for Equipment monitoring systems.
  • Forwarding from your Email account to SMS Text message.
  • Automatic text message forwarding from your mobile phone to your email account via our custom software.

Forwarding from your Text-Connect™ account: We give you several message forwarding options for text messages sent to your Text-Connect™ text-number & inbox. These forwarding options around a dedicated text number which is allocated to you when you set up your '2way' Text-Connect™.


Forward Text messages to email:

Choose to have your inbound messages forwarded to your or your colleagues email addresses. Ensure everyone is up to date by forwarding messages to multiple email accounts at no extra cost. In addition, This gives you the perfect tool to add live SMS text comments to your Blog.

Our NEW Forwarding options include:

  • Forward SMS text to email and\or phone
  • Escalation option, ideal for engineers and equipment monitoring

Forward SMS Text to your Mobile Phone(s):

Additionally, you can forward incoming text messages onwards to a mobile phone, making the system ideal for alerting key staff in an emergency.

Forward Text messages to your Web Server:

Software developers will appreciate the HTTP forwarding option, where your inbound SMS text message is forwarded as a HTTP request to your server. Perfect for integrating text messaging with your business and web applications, and automating the processing of your message traffic. You can send SMS text in software, from your application using our software developer texting API.

HTTP forwarding uses the following format:

Forward your email to SMS Text.

A NEW service, designed to collect your email from a specified email account and forward it to your mobile phone(s) as a text message. Anti Spam features prevent wasted messages and allow you to create a 'white list' and 'black list' to define which messages are forwarded.

Text-Message forwarding from your mobile phone:

This NEW service is based on our own custom software which your download to your phone. Our software forwards your text messages as they arrive on your phone to your email 'inbox' via our text-connect™ email server. For more information see: Text-Message forwarding from your mobile phone

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