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text to email forwarding: from your smart phone with tcForward



New Service:
Automatically forward text messages sent to your Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile phone to your email address with tcForward™.
  tcForward SMS text forwarding is the perfect way to transfer messages from your smart phone to your computer automatically as they arrive.
Permanent Record:

Keeping copies of your text-messages on your computer means you can:

  • Automatically keep a permanent copy of all your text messages.
  • Back messages easily to CD, DVD or USB.
  • Print text messages out to paper.
  • Onward forward text messages by email.
  • Search and Reference old text messages.
  • Find contact details in case your phone is lost or stolen
Save money while travelling abroad:

Text to email forwarding is perfect for travellers and holiday makers who are concerned about high SMS tariff charges when travelling abroad.

tcForward™ SMS text to email forwarding means that you can stay in touch with friends and family without incurring high mobile bills while travelling and is perfect for gap year travellers.

Before you travel simply setup email forwarding on your phone so you can leave it at home. You can then read your text messages on your laptop or in the Internet cafe via your regular email account and avoid paying expensive roaming charges.

Use a text-connect™ 'Lite' account to send your reply messages. Text-connect™ messages are sent from the UK, therefore saving you money.

For cheap calls abroad take an old mobile phone and buy a local 'pay as you go' SIM card. text-connect's address book function makes it simple to send a text message to all your contacts alerting them to your new 'local' number.

Simple to set-up

The service is based on our own custom software which your download to your phone. Our software forwards your text messages as they arrive to your email inbox via our email server.

Just download our "text to email forwarding" software to your phone via our web site.



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