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Text-Connect FAQ

Text-Connect is an online text messaging system for businesses and organisations. Easy to use and implement in your business as there is no software or hardware to install and clients report that little or no staff training is required.

Text messaging gives your business the tools to communicate with staff and clients via their mobiles, even in locations with poor mobile data coverage. Text messages often get through when calls or emails can not.

Your text messages are drafted and sent from your computers, and replies or incoming text messages are delivered as email or accessed via your web browser. 

Our key differences from our competitors:
*  Your text messages are sent and received using premium UK mobile networks.
*  Easy to set up with no software or hardware to install.  
*  Easy to use with no or minimal training required.

Your account operates on a pay as you go basis, so you control how much you spend.
Credits for sending messages are purchased in advance (and do not expire) and you top up when they run low.  For receiving messages, your text-number is rented with an annual payment. 

Yes. Text-connect gives you a full set of features for managing and importing contacts and larger lists of numbers for bulk messaging. 

Contact us by phone or email with your requirements ( 1way, 2way and the number of messages you expect to use) and we'll email back a quote. Once payment has been agreed accounts are usually set up within 2 hours.