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Text Messaging for Business.

Add text messaging to your business or organisations communication mix.

Text-Connectâ„¢ is more immediate than e-mail and quicker than calling. Share important information between your organisation, your employees and clients quickly and easily.  Make it easier for clients and staff to keep in touch and make enquiries. 

Draft your messages on your computer keyboard and click 'send'. Your message will be delivered almost instantly to your recipient. Because your message is delivered as a SMS text to a mobile phone you can be sure your information will be seen and actioned at the first opportunity.

The system works in both directions, Messages sent from a mobile phone arrive on your computer network as e-mail, ready to be actioned.  Clients appreciate being able to text directly from their phones and their text message is more likely to reach you when mobile and data coverage is patchy.   

Your text messages either originate on, or arrive to your IT network so message data is easily collated and distributed across your organisation for action, analysis and archieve. 

Text-Connect gives you:

 Instant communication 

Direct to the person via their mobile. 

Text messages can get through even in areas with poor mobile coverage.

Your message reaches your recipients phone directly, making it ideal for critical or safety related information.   

Improved productivity

and reduced costs

Take advantage of Text-Connect's contact list management features and message specific individuals, groups or bulk lists with just a few clicks.

Faster than calling, cheaper than post. 


with a central record of all message traffic

Your text messages are available for export and archive, giving you the opportunity for audit and message analysis. 

Text-Connect makes text messaging easy to manage. 

From your desktop

Text messaging on your computer.

Text-Connect makes it quick and easy to draft and send text messages from your computer.

Incoming messages arrive as email or can be viewed online with your web browser.